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Late payments, fees and interest. Just a few words that come to mind when you say "money trouble". 

Here's your reality check!


Gambling Or Gaming...
What's The Difference?

There is no difference between "gaming" and "gambling."

The gambling industry decided to change the name of their industry from "gambling" to "gaming" in order to make it sound harmless and fun.

The name change is a good example of smart marketing by the gambling industry.



Compulsive gambling accounts for $40 billion in annual losses from counseling, productivity declines and social services, according to an estimate by the National Gambling Impact Study Commission, a body created by Congress to study the problem.


There are a lot of reasons people keep betting,despite the odds:

The companies that make money on gambling ALWAYS make you feel like

your chances of winning are better than they really are.

You see a picture of the person holding the lotto-winning ticket.

You don't see the picture of the people who bought the millions of tickets that didn't win.

Tickets Prizes
Slot machines

In the casino, when a person wins - even if that person only wins a dollar - deafening bells and whistles announce: "Someone won!"

You'll never hear a casino announce, "Another loser!" every time a person loses.

Let's say all casinos only announced their losers rather than their winners. Every time someone lost, the bells and whistles went off.

The odds of winning stay the same, but you would constantly be reminded that you will's just a matter of time.

Cool Guy

Do you think people

would gamble very much

in a casino like that?

No one is "due" to win. Odds always determine winners.


Don't wreck your finances!

Gaming can be a good way to escape.

But gaming can wreck your finances faster than you can complete the next level.

Try these tips to keep gaming in your fun zone, not your danger zone.


First and foremost:
set a strict monthly gaming budget.

You can't spend money on everything. If you're going to spend money on gaming, would it make sense to give up spending on something more important to feed your gaming habit? Figure out your budget—what bills you need to pay, etc.—and set a specific amount of money aside for you gaming needs each month. And then stick to it!

Here's the key:

NEVER spend a dime from
your monthly living expenses
on ANY bet!


Getting Down
To The Nitty Gritty:

What are some signs that a person has a serious problem with gambling?


What Should You Do If Someone You Know Has A (Real) Gambling Problem?

Don't try to handle this by yourself.

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